My Baby Edit Presents Kerikit May 01 2017


Kerikit – Q & A.

We are so excited to present a new brand to our ever growing portfolio, introducing luxury changing bag brand KeriKit.

KeriKit, was launched by Keri Jamieson in 2016, and have gone from strength to strength since then. We love that fact that mother of 3, and mum boss Keri spotted a clear gap in the market from personal experience and decided to launch a changing bag range that would fill this gap. The Kerikit changing bag range is made up of bags that encompasses the most beautiful finish, exceptional attention to detail and design, and are all created using the most exquisite but hardwearing leathers – these beautiful bags are bang on trend but will also last you well beyond the season and they super practical – perfect for busy mums on the go! Keri is a handbag pro, as she has extensive experience in the field due to her long career as a global designer for luxury retailers, and she has truly managed to combine her two loves, motherhood and style. KeriKit is taking multifunctional design and features to the next level, and we just know that you will LOVE the amazing collections as much as we do. We asked Keri to tell us more about her and her brand in our latest My Baby Edit – Meet the Designer feature.

Who am I?

I am a mum of three, wife, business woman and health fanatic.

What was your inspiration for launching the Kerikit brand and collections?

I remember clearly walking into John Lewis whilst pregnant with my first born Jasper and thinking right, I want a bag that looks good but works on a functional level too., It needed to be leather as I knew then it would last too. I was SO disappointed with the offering, the bags were either really functional but also really ugly or they weren’t worth the money in my opinion as they were either really cheap leather or they did not have the functionality I required. I gave up and bought a grey nylon messenger bag - giving up on style and accepting functionality over fashion. Then I returned when pregnant with the twins thinking something must have changed by now – nope! Still the same styles on display. So that when I realised that with my extensive career as an Accessories designer followed by 7 years as a handbag buyer that perhaps I was the person to solve this issue!

Your bags are exquisite and beautifully designed, tell us more about the process form that first sketch to launch?

The process from design to completion is a long one which takes over 9 months from start to finish. It all starts with a sketch that then becomes a pattern and finally a real sample. I create all the patterns myself by hand and then I create a workbook for each design – which I name after a member of my family. It then takes around 4-6 weeks to create the first sample due to the complexities of a KeriKit design so in the meantime I select my gorgeous leathers for the final production. Once I get the first development sample back I make any changes required and then I wear the bag for a whole month to see how it works for me. A bag is more than just an accessory – it needs to fit in with who you are and where you’re going so this is the best way to be sure that it will work for everyone else too. We then start production and finally voila! The bags arrive and are ready to sell.

What would you say is your signature style or design feature, and how do you sum up the Kerikit lifestyle?

For me the backpacks are proving to be a real hit. It wasn’t till my children got a bit older that I realised I need 3 hands and as I only have two I didn’t want to use one to hold a bag on my shoulder as I was already short! I think that people really connect with the fact that nowadays we are not just mothers, we often run business at the same time so we can fit them around our new families but also we want to keep a sense of style too. My designs are beautiful on the outside while inside functionality reigns thanks to the innovative pocket layout.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

We are so excited to be stocked in our first NYC store in Soho with Wolf and Badger as of last week and we also go live with Nordstrom this week! My aim over the next 5 years is to be stocked in John Lewis and Harrods and also to venture into China and expand the USA market.

What is a normal day like at Kerikit HQ?

Busy! We do the usual morning routine getting the children up and out for school or their morning activities and then I start work around 9am. I stop for lunch to hang out with the twins a bit before their nap then I head back to my office in the attic till 5:30pm. Some days I finish at 3 to take the children swimming, then work later in the evening but I think the best way to be productive is to eat well and to have clear work boundaries and also its important to have downtime too. We are huge fans of Gousto as it means we eat fresh meals every night but they are super easy to make and there is no wastage! Also I never work too late and I also like to ensure I fit exercise into my daily routine too. I love getting out on my mountain bike or if it’s raining I hit the gym. I love my TRX – you can get a full body workout in 35 minutes which is equivalent to over an hour of regular training with this bit of kit! I am also new to it but loving Hot yoga - It my new thing ;) My mind is so busy but with exercise I take an hour out of the day to empty my mind, refocus my soul and then I can take on the world again!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

I could say winning the Junior Design awards for 2016 with my Backpack Joy as that was a real high and the one award I REALLY wanted to win, but actually I am most proud of the fact I have created balance. I have created a brand where my customers nearly always email me after their purchase arrives to thank me personally. When I read that I have made them feel great and that the bags are even more gorgeous in the flesh then I know I have achieved what I set out to do. This combined with the fact I get to drop my children off at school and I am there for pickup and activities gives me a real sense of pride that somehow I am balancing the two. Its incredibly hard to get the balance when you are a mother and a business owner but I am doing my best and my children and family are happy. That’s the best achievement ever.

My Baby Edit presents Sleepy Doe April 28 2017


Sleepy Doe – Q & A.

We are completely in LOVE with the phenomenon that is Sleepy Doe. This is a true, ‘’born and breed in the UK’’ children’s wear brand that specializes in sleep - and lounge wear, where all pieces are 100% Eco or organic. Having worked in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, and designing lounge wear for a number of British heritage brands, Sleepy Doe’s founder Sophie Woodrow, saw a clear gap in the market for timeless printed sleep and loungewear for children. Founded in Bath in the UK in 2016, Sleepy Doe has gone from strength to strength, and is a true believer that sleep and lounge wear should be made with subtle design details, bringing comfort and an effortless style to the mini bedtime wardrobe. All Sleepy Doe's collections are classic, whilst injecting simple hand-drawn prints in friendly colours the majority of the available styles are unisex so perfect for siblings to share. We LOVE that all methods of manufacturing are sustainable and ethical, which also is the ethos of the Sleepy Doe’s brand. Here you will find absolutely no harmful dyes used in the printing method and all the soft cottons are ecologically handpicked from British manufacturers. What’s more, all the products are designed and made in the UK, supporting independent factories and businesses, what not to love! 

We just know that you will LOVE the amazing collections as much as we do. We asked Sophie to tell us more about her and her brand in our latest My Baby Edit – Meet the Designer feature.

Who am I?

Sophie! Mama to Flossie Coco and Founder & Designer of Sleepy Doe: a British childrenswear brand specialising in eco sleep and loungewear. Since graduating with a Fashion degree, I have spent the last 10 years working for British Heritage brands specialising in loungewear. I’ve designed womens, mens and childrenswear and love all areas of the design process.

When did you launch Sleepy Doe and what was your motivation for launching your own brand?

I launched the brand in July 2016 although began working on the Sleepy Doe concept a couple of years before that. It was really important for me to allow a good year of just drawing, sampling and developing the brand before signing anything off. I wanted to carry on being creative during maternity leave, I soon realised how important sleepwear is for babies and children but I struggled to find products that were classic and not over-designed. I like products that are carefully considered but effortless and timeless, especially when it comes to kidswear.

Once I had all the designs in place I started to take logical steps to make the business happen. I took each day at a time, asked advice of people in similar industries and before I knew it Sleepy Doe was launched.

I’ve had to work hard to be in a position I am in today. I love my job, it’s part of my identity and what drives me. When you design for other companies you are always following someone else’s brief, but with Sleepy Doe I’m doing it all for the

love of my own ideas and designs. It’s very satisfying to use my own passion and experience as a means to earn a living and help support our family.

Why did you choose to focus on sleepwear/loungewear?

I must admit I have more PJs and loungewear than everyday clothes. Elements of my previous roles designing prints and loungewear for British brands have all influenced the decisions and directions I’ve taken, but I think as a designer it’s always been a dream to do something for myself using my experience to manufacture products I feel passionate about.

What is important to you as a designer, and how do you get inspiration and develop your designs?

I’m surrounded by inspiration; it’s everywhere daily, from people and buildings to magazines and nature. All aspects of the business, from fabrics to branding, are carefully considered - including our factories. I believe it’s really important to support independent factories and to know where your clothes are made. There are so many inspiring childrenswear brands out there and we all have our own identities, each offering something different to the market, which is important as a designer as much as staying focused with your specialist area. I love everything related to sleep and bedtime and have some exciting product plans; I’ve been listening to my customers!

What would you say is your signature style, and how do you sum up the Sleepy Doe lifestyle?

I guess the lifestyle is pretty effortless, I’m not tying to be someone I’m not. I wanted to create a range of timeless designs in classic colours that can be handed down and aren’t disposable. I bring out new collections when I’m ready rather than stay strict to seasons. I always offer tran-seasonal pieces for the unpredictable British weather but also for international stockists with opposite seasons and prints each season overlaps either with new styles or colourways. Whether the customer likes a Breton stripe or something floral, I think it’s important to offer both unisex and more feminine styles if that’s what the child wants/likes. I’m not separating genders within the ranges but offering something for everyone.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Having only launched nine months ago it’s also really important to take a step back and look at how far we’ve come already, and remember we have many more people to meet and introduce to Sleepy Doe before taking things forward too fast. I’m looking forward to developing the range, introducing new designs and ideas when I’m ready.

What is a normal day like at Sleepy Doe HQ?

It usually starts early with mama duties and coffee. I run Sleepy Doe from my home, I have a desk in my kitchen and the stock room is also my spare bedroom. I wrap and pack orders as they come in, daily Post Office runs will be tied in with a trip to the swings or a promise of a babychinno afterwards. Floss now goes to nursery twice a week which helps me to get things done, especially for skype calls where she’s not trying to show the factory her bunnies. The rest I just do when I can, I’m far from a super human and things don’t always get done, but that’s the nature of my situation. Dan is home around 6pm, he cooks supper as I bath Floss then once she’s gone to bed the laptops are out together for the admin side of Sleepy Doe…that I’m not that flash at.

I am very lucky to be doing the two things I love. Being both a mama and business owner are full-time commitments that demand a whole lot of patience and love. Flossie’s happiness is by far more important than any business decision I will ever make. Her well-being puts all of the stressful business moments into perspective, which is invaluable.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

The practicality of getting a brand to market, which is now all a bit of a blur! Last year I won The Angels and Urchins Sleepwear brand 2016. This was a huge achievement shortly after the Sleepy Doe launch but also a big motivation to keep going. Sleepy Doe is now stocked in independent stores worldwide, they are all beautiful online and retail stores and many are run by other working mamas. It’s great to be able to supply them with a new brand and a product they also believe in.


Keep it real! January 20 2017


This is a call out to all new parents, carers and anyone in between looking after small people! We feel the pressure, scrolling through Instagram feeds and Social media updates, of mostly gorgeous well behaved kids, cute babies with everything on point, lots of pristine white interior and no clutter in sight etc. We love social media, and use it lots, however we wanted to raise the fact that most of it just isn’t real. This picture was taken when our daughter Ella was about 4 months old, I took a picture of her sleeping, filter and all, and it looked so idyllic and ‘’perfect for Instagram’’. 2 min later she was awake, again, had some milk and was sick all over her baby grow – she looked confused, I was sleep deprived and mostly annoyed that we had to get change again etc. Here at MyBabyEdit we are all for keeping it real, as it is hard enough raising little ones, without adding the pressure of ‘’picture perfect’’ into the equation. You are doing it, and doing a great job! Keep, keeping it real <3 x


My Baby Edit presents Cribstar January 20 2017


Big drum roll! We have a new brand in our ever growing portfolio, and we are sure you will LOVE the styles from Cribstar as much as we do. Made with the softest, thick 100% cotton and the coolest on trend prints, we adore the styles and think you will too + your little ones will love wearing them. We asked Cribstar's founder, and mum boss Jadwiga about her brand.  

- Who am I?

I am Jadwiga, a mum of 2 who started Cribstar in 2015 when my daughter was just born. In hindsight this was probably the worst time to start as the work load of this new project coupled with a new born and threenager was not easy at the best of times.  

- What was your inspiration for launching the brand? 

After having my first child I turned into a total kids clothing shopaholic but found it hard to find unique clothes which were different to everyone else in the playgroup.  I have always had a love for monochrome clothing so I decided black and white would be the main theme throughout my brand.

- Your products are featuring the cutest tongue in cheek messages, - tell us a bit about the creative process you go through when creating new designs. 

It is probably very cliche but my designs are inspired by my children.  I rarely have time to sit down and brain storm new ideas so keep a constant notes file on my phone which I keep jotting down ideas to.  When it is time to release new designs I go back and look at this notes file and go from there.

- What would you say is the signature style of your brand and how do you sum up the Cribstar lifestyle? 

The overriding theme of the brand is black and white.  We try to select fabrics which are comfortable and will last the almost daily washes they will be put through. Cribstar as a lifestyle I suppose could be described as comfortable and stylish.

- Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I try not to think too far ahead as I am literally learning the industry as I go but I hope it continues to grow and I continue to meet and befriend all the lovely mothers who support me and my brand.

- What is a normal day like at Cribstar HQ? 

A typical day at Cribstar is up nice and early thanks to the little human alarm clocks. Nursery run then home to get printing and packing orders until it is time for the pick-up (I sometime manage to squeeze some lunch in).  Then it’s me and the kids until my hubby gets home from work for some family time.  After we put the kids to bed I rope him into helping me with yet more printing and packing until some silly hour.  I then sit down to answer emails as the last thing before I manage to make it to bed.

- What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? 

Starting this little business I think will always be my biggest achievement in itself.  The thought that my designs and idea of what children clothes should be is appreciated by so many is such a humbling thought and to add to this that my products are sold through lovely stockist all over this planet is something I only dreamed of.

See the full assortment on our website - follow link below <3




My Baby Edit Presents Little Sevens January 17 2017


Get ready to be blown away by the AMAZING illustrations from Little Sevens. This UK based brand, has joined our WWW.MYBABYEDIT.COM portfolio and we think you will love the intricate prints and the attention to detail of the designs as much as we do. We are massive fans of the pieces, and as we are secret adrenaline junkies here a MyBabyEdit, the styles takes us back to the time spent on the slopes and in various skate parks! We have asked founder and owner of SoulSeven7 and Little Sevens Harriet to introduce us to her brand.

- We are very excited to have Little Sevens join WWW.MYBABYEDIT.COM brand portfolio, please can you tell our followers about your inspiration for launching the brand?

I have always been interested in the prospect of designing baby clothes. From the very beginning I've always wanted to create clothes that not only are available in adult sizes but also allowing children to have a unique original style. I've always loved styles that are on the market now, but I've always felt that by having original intricate designs which a child could have can express the THE style of the parents also. 

- Your tees are featuring the most incredible, prints, - tell us a bit about the creative process you go through when creating new illustrations.

Creating my artwork for the garments always comes naturally which doesn't always mean they come into mind quickly, I like to take inspiration through my own personal interests. I always follow the rule if it’s exciting to create stick with it. Which doesn't always mean that every design goes to print. 

I've always loved intricate designs so creating one always comes with a great satisfaction. I also love when looking at a design you can look at different areas and always find something new. 

- What would you say is the signature style of your brand and how do you sum up the Little Sevens lifestyle?

Signature style to the brand is original and intricate patterns. Little Sevens is something new, rather than having the obvious designs like animals for instants. Little Sevens allows the obvious to be new and unique.

- Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

SOULSEVEN7 has been around now for 6 years. So with now having little Sevens I would love it to be going for another six and many more. As long as still have the love that I have for my company, and find new ways to keep it interesting I will always take pride in sharing my designs.

What is a normal day like at Little Sevens HQ?

The normal day consists of going through the emails and orders from the previous day. The second half of the day usually consists of pushing the brand out on the various art platforms we are on. From there I will concentrate on research for the brand and looking for inspiration on keeping the brand fresh. So be that ways at looking at changing the website or making new adverts to out on our sites. Always keeping ideas in the back of my mind, so when I have a few hours in my office. Music is on and I start to draw. 

- What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Biggest achievement to date, to be honest I've had a few times where I've been really proud. But they all vary, so from when a design I made for a snowboarding company was the featured by 'whitelines' magazine and website. Because I love snowboarding I've loved whitelines so that was pretty cool. 

My first art exhibition I held, so all my designs framed. Having my own evening discussing my work was exciting which was made even better when every print sold. 

The first time I had my clothes in a store that was pretty special. And then seeing somebody wearing one of my tshirts walking past me. I never knew who he was, but knowing he liked it enough to wear it was lovely. 

Just being able to do what I love is something that will always be special to me, so every day is an achievement. 

Find all 3 designs under Little Sevens in our brand section - we are sure you will LOVE the styles as much as we do <3  

Sleep, sleep, SLEEP! September 09 2016

OK peeps, this is a VERY important topic for all parents, carers and everyone in between! Sleep is suddenly your most valued commodity with little ones, and it might not come easy. We are all for snuggling here at MyBabyEdit, and the cool and colourful sleep sacks from My Baby's Name Is, are made for exactly that. When we now get our sleep sacks out in our house, our little ones associate them with sleep. They might not actually ''go to sleep'' as soon as it is zipped up, BUT they are understanding that when we put it on, we have quiet time, read a book etc. and then they go to sleep. OK ideal scenario we know, and they will probably wake up a million times still, however it is all about routine and getting your little ones into one ''like yesterday''.

We just LOVE the colourful sleep sacks from My Baby's Name Is, and they are not only super cool and comes in the most fantastic colours, they are also super practical, and comes with all sort of great benefits that will work wonders for you and your baby.

We carry 3 sizes, in 5 colour ways, and they come in a 1 or 2.5 tog, so whether your baby is going for a Gabriel Grey, Yasmine Yellow or Rebecca Red, we can guarantee that they will be sleeping in the most wonderful material, as these sacks are made in the softest eco-friendly cotton for the exterior and organic jersey cotton for a super-soft interior – and it’s all ethically sourced.

The colour palette is refreshingly bright, clean and vibrant. Quite simply, there are no other baby sleeping bags on the market that match the standard My Baby’s Name Is has set out: organic, luxurious, ethical, bright, clean, design-led, style-conscious. What's not to love?

The sleep sacks comes individually gift boxed, so makes the perfect present, and at only £45 this is really amazing value for money, as you will buy a high quality products with lots of amazing product features. We are in love :)




Let’s talk about crawling! September 03 2016

DISCLAIMER! Read on if you want an ‘’on the move baby’’ if not, you want to delete this message immediately, as once they get started there is NO going back.

GoBabyGo crawling tights are designed in Copenhagen Denmark, and basically help little ones getting a move on, as there were specifically developed in order to give babies the ability to master motor skills that is needed for moving.

Children who can move about unhindered can explore the world and devote their energy to playing and learning new things, and later good motor skills will benefit the child both socially and academically throughout its childhood.

We are currently offering 2 pairs for £22 – saving you £6 when you buy 2! What’s not to love?




Must have Edits - the ultimate Newborn Edit August 26 2016

OK so this is a very special first edit for most of us! The combination of anticipation, excitement, fear and longing to meet this new baby is pretty powerful stuff, and here at MybabyEdit we don’t think this feeling changes whether it’s your first, second or fifth new arrival!

We have put together the selection we would not have been without for our babies, and ones that made things that little easier, and believe us you want easy!

Tiba and Marl Raf Holdall: Not only is this the coolest bag around, and comes in great prints, this nappy bag can also double up as your hospital bag, as it is big enough to hold essential stuff.

Yes sure they are a little expensive, however this is such a great product, with bottle holder, changing cover etc. and will last you a lifetime, as it is cool enough to be used for other stuff when no longer needed as a changing bag.


DISCLAIMER: Remember to pack that hospital bag, we kind of didn’t with our first so the content, predominantly packed by a slightly wired and stressed ‘’soon to be’’ daddy was pretty hysterical.



Purflo Sleeping bag: OK this is all about getting into routines and getting the little ones into one quickly. The soft bamboo cotton is incredible, and the health benefits this product comes with is pretty epic. Lovely 100% cotton Jersey outer, with a 100% Bamboo Dream lining, is soft and silky against baby’s skin. This stuff is pretty crazy, and whilst being Environmentally friendly, Bamboo fabric is 60% more absorbent than cotton & has natural anti-bacterial properties. The sleep sack has a hypoallergenic Amicor Pure filling, prevents the build up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to Asthma and Eczema plus it includes zip on long sleeves for colder nights


Joha Wool bodies: We are big fans of wool, and yes wool can be used summer and winter! Danish brand JOHA are wool experts if we have to say so ourselves, these guys really know what they are doing which is great for you and your little one as they have combined exquisite quality, with practical features that will help you as a busy parent. The JOHA baby body, is a key staple for our children, as wool is readily available and used in Scandinavia all year around and is perfect to control our little ones body temperature, so they will be warm and cosy when the temperature drops, and cool and comfortable when the heath is on! Thinly spun wool, means this little number doesn't itch, and will be lovely against even the newest skin. Another JOHA piece that is functional and of high quality and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees, so no hand washing for busy parents.






The MBE Buyers pick August 19 2016

We put focus on MOLO Stars and Stripes

OK so we are completely biased, as this brand has been around for a long time in Scandinavia and our own children, friends and families children have all worn the bold prints and high quality pieces from Danish born and bred MOLO. This stuff doesn’t get much better, and if you are after super styles for your little ones that also will be excellent as hand me downs, the unisex pieces we have picked from MOLO are pretty amazing. Super soft stretch cotton, great high quality colours and ones that won’t fade after the first wash, is some of the benefits this stuff comes with, and of course your little ones will look ridiculous cute also.

Based in Denmark MOLO is a brand that have created a vibrant and colourful baby and children’s wear since 2003. Since its beginning MOLO has become the ‘’go to’’ brand for parents wanting great quality and the most ground breaking colours, fabrics and prints. Collections are always full of great styles for every little ones wardrobe. What’s not to love!!





Shop small, and support your local business! May 27 2016

‘’Do we need another baby shop in Surrey’’, you might ask. Actually yes, as we felt that a local approach and supporting small independent businesses really matters. Most of the brands we carry are start up’s by mothers taking a break from their ‘’real work’’, in order to give being a business owner a go, or to have a baby or 2. We have never felt stronger about supporting small companies, and entrepreneurs wanting to change their way of life. We found that there seems to be a real momentum of women, husband and wife duo’s, sisters and ex work colleagues, giving ‘’another way of working’’ a go, and it is SO refreshing to experience the support and backing within the start-up community. No one can do it by themselves, and someone in your network will have the contact you need for bringing their (and your) business to the next level, securing that deal, work with the hottest up an coming brand etc. It’s refreshing to be part of a community that not only supports, but also embraces a start-up culture of small businesses, - and here at my baby edit we are proud to sell products from businesses that definitely falls within the above category.

To name but a few, - here is a lovely edit by some of the start-up brands we carry, please help us in supporting small businesses. Your order really matters not only to us here at MyBabyEdit but to the brands we sell. Shop small and all that :) 


Blade & Rose 

Another UK based business, Blade & Rose was created whilst designer Amanda was on maternity leave, launching cool tights and leggings. Which ultimately led the company to be named  after her children's middle name ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’. A true powerhouse of creativity, with bold colours and fun details for little boys and girls.

Little Lulu's

The most adorable shoes for little ones! Founded by footwear designer Catriona, after having her daughter Layla - she is not her own boss and brings us the most gorgeous designs and styles for little for boys and girls.

Dotty Dungarees 

Founded by Alice Goldsmith and Georgie Parr in December 2014, this powerhouse dungarees, love what they do and is a true start-up. They only do one thing: dungarees! We ave to say they are pretty awesome at doing just that :)  

Organic Zoo 

Another small start up, Organic Zoo is a conceptual British fashion brand for babies that will melt your heart with its incredibly soft 100% organic cotton. 

Is night time challenging? August 19 2015

We clearly have 2 sleepy heads, as both our children are pretty good at night and have been from quite an early age. We got them there by trying and testing several routines and found that for us it works to use the same ''props'' for night time consistency. We cannot live without many of the products in the Night time Edit, and we have picked our current ''top runners'' in the below. 



The Purflo sleep sack, aka the sleep enforcer as we like to call it, is in the top 4 of being one of our most important products for night-time! We have used this sleep bag for both our children and absolutely LOVE it, and with its crisp white finish perfect for both boys and girls. It is made with a super soft lining, so perfectly soft against even the newest, new born skin. in summer we use it wothout the detacable sleeves, with the JOHA wool long sleeve body underneath and have found that both our babies would love the feeling of naked feet and legs, but with the snug cover of the bag so they stay warm and comfy throughout the night. 


 Sleep Enforcer - PurFlo® SleepSac™ with Zip On Sleeves

Although its summer, our children will wear wool bodies from JOHA throughout the year and we absolutely love all the wool garments designed by this Danish brand. The JOHA baby body, is a key staple for our children, as wool is readily available and used in Scandinavia all year around and is perfect to control our little ones body temperature, so they will be warm and cosy when the temperature drops, and cool and comfortable when the heath is on! Thinly spun wool, means this little number doesn't itch, and will be lovely against even the newest skin. Another JOHA piece that is functional and of high quality and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees, so no hand washing for busy parents. 


No night time without a warm and lovely bath, finished off with a lovely massage where we always use this Mother and Baby Oil from Bloom and Blossom. We honestly cant get enough of this oil, and it is used by our whole family, makes your skin super soft and it has become a lovely part of the night time routine, and both our children loves it.


Then off to bed with the cute comforter from Teddykompaniet, that is a cute bunny and cuddle blanket in one. The softest of soft materials have been used, and all are of-course child safe and non toxic. A household name in Scandinavia, Teddykompaniet are renowned for its high quality and attention to detail, and they are producing great products that your children will love.


To get the ''must have'' night time products see below for easy overview :)

Purflo Sleep bag, from £24.95

JOHA wool body, £19.95

Bloom and Blossom Mother and baby oil, £16

Teddykompaniet, Stripy Pink Blanky £11






Ella Wears August 06 2015

So we have a new baby, well actually Ella will be 16 weeks tomorrow, (so not so new anymore!) and she is our guinea pig for testing all the new My Baby Edit styles, picking up where her brother Freddie (now 2 ½ ) left off.

She is a hungry baby, seems like she is growing each day and although just over 3 months is already in bigger sizes, so we have picked styles that she can grow in. Always picking styles a bit on the large size in order to to get the most wear out of the pieces. As the youngest child, she has a lot of Freddie’s hand me downs, but it is also nice to get specific pieces just for her.

As the weather have been so hit and miss lately, we have been all about dressing her in long leg tights and long sleeve tees. We are big on layering which is very Scandinavian, so can add or take off as and when the temperature changes during the day.

We love this edit, and not only is it super comfy, it is also super cute! Even better it is genderless, Freddie wore the Enjoy Milk Tee by No Added sugar and the Collegien indoor slippers. Little Titans tights and Molo Sweatshirt are new pieces for Ella! All styles can easily be worn by both boys and girls.

Daddy's Edit:






We love this edit and it is so easy to mix and match the individual styles, and the red and grey are very cool together. Super soft cottons + slippers in the softest cashmere mix, although it is summer, the English version makes all the styles very relevant especially for little ones that should be warm and snug. Ella seems happy! 

To get Ella's look here is the featured styles:

Little Titans, London Calling Tights, £16

NoAddedSugar, Enjoy Milk Tee, £16

Collegien, Super Soft Cashmere Indoor Slippers, £22

MOLO, 100% soft Cotton, £20





Retailer of the Week August 03 2015

We are excited to be retailer of the week this week! Its great to be included across the Junior Style platform, and we love the brands we are featured amongst. My Baby Edit always wanted to be offering quirky, different and great quality product edits, for little ones and we think we have brought some great styles to market. 

You can find great gifts for boys and girls from 0 - 24 months and there is always something new to discover and explore across our site. Cant wait for the new A/W 2015 collection to launch, and be available to our customers, we have lots of great brands coming on board.

First Blog Post - We are Launching April 08 2015

Welcome to MyBabyEdit


Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you will find the choice and offering you are looking for. MyBabyEdit is a new and independent website, - that was put in place, as we found the experience of entering into parenthood both extremely exciting, but also slightly overwhelming.

As first time parents we did the classic exercise of buying many, ‘’non essentials’’ it turned out! And the Journey to ‘’be ready’’ for the big arrival was full of trial and errors. After the arrival of our firstborn son Freddie, we have thought many times, if only we knew what we know now! – And this was the main reason we started MyBabyEdit. We thought, that we would love to buy, good quality, decent priced childrenswear and accessories, - bold but not brass, playful yet sophisticated and with an air of Scandinavian cool. In addition then we wanted a clear overview of key pieces, where the edits of ‘’must haves’’ had been done for us already, instead of having to scroll through a lot of ‘’nice to have’’ items for babies and toddlers.

We have handpicked and edited a tight and practical assortment of brands from around the world, - practicality, comfort, good quality and exclusive offerings are key, and we hope you like our mix of great basics, and exciting trends.

Here at MyBabyEdit, we present our products per occasions, giving you a clear overview of the styles we recommend for new-borns, night-time etc. in order to make it easy to get an overview. We have monthly guest editors, parents and friends of new parents, like you and me- recommending and writing about the styles that have worked well for them. We hope you enjoy their stories and anecdotes, - remember having a baby should be fun; we definitely don’t take our selves too seriously!

On a final note, then thank you for visiting our website, - we know that there is a huge offering out there, - but hope you can relate to our edits and what we are trying to bring to the market. We are only a small independent boutique - so please check back from time to time, as we will continuously update the assortment and offering with new stock, as and when we have sold out of current lines, and we hope you will recommend us to your friends if you enjoyed your shopping experience with us.