Is night time challenging? August 19 2015

We clearly have 2 sleepy heads, as both our children are pretty good at night and have been from quite an early age. We got them there by trying and testing several routines and found that for us it works to use the same ''props'' for night time consistency. We cannot live without many of the products in the Night time Edit, and we have picked our current ''top runners'' in the below. 



The Purflo sleep sack, aka the sleep enforcer as we like to call it, is in the top 4 of being one of our most important products for night-time! We have used this sleep bag for both our children and absolutely LOVE it, and with its crisp white finish perfect for both boys and girls. It is made with a super soft lining, so perfectly soft against even the newest, new born skin. in summer we use it wothout the detacable sleeves, with the JOHA wool long sleeve body underneath and have found that both our babies would love the feeling of naked feet and legs, but with the snug cover of the bag so they stay warm and comfy throughout the night. 


 Sleep Enforcer - PurFlo® SleepSac™ with Zip On Sleeves

Although its summer, our children will wear wool bodies from JOHA throughout the year and we absolutely love all the wool garments designed by this Danish brand. The JOHA baby body, is a key staple for our children, as wool is readily available and used in Scandinavia all year around and is perfect to control our little ones body temperature, so they will be warm and cosy when the temperature drops, and cool and comfortable when the heath is on! Thinly spun wool, means this little number doesn't itch, and will be lovely against even the newest skin. Another JOHA piece that is functional and of high quality and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees, so no hand washing for busy parents. 


No night time without a warm and lovely bath, finished off with a lovely massage where we always use this Mother and Baby Oil from Bloom and Blossom. We honestly cant get enough of this oil, and it is used by our whole family, makes your skin super soft and it has become a lovely part of the night time routine, and both our children loves it.


Then off to bed with the cute comforter from Teddykompaniet, that is a cute bunny and cuddle blanket in one. The softest of soft materials have been used, and all are of-course child safe and non toxic. A household name in Scandinavia, Teddykompaniet are renowned for its high quality and attention to detail, and they are producing great products that your children will love.


To get the ''must have'' night time products see below for easy overview :)

Purflo Sleep bag, from £24.95

JOHA wool body, £19.95

Bloom and Blossom Mother and baby oil, £16

Teddykompaniet, Stripy Pink Blanky £11