My Baby Edit Presents Little Sevens January 17 2017


Get ready to be blown away by the AMAZING illustrations from Little Sevens. This UK based brand, has joined our WWW.MYBABYEDIT.COM portfolio and we think you will love the intricate prints and the attention to detail of the designs as much as we do. We are massive fans of the pieces, and as we are secret adrenaline junkies here a MyBabyEdit, the styles takes us back to the time spent on the slopes and in various skate parks! We have asked founder and owner of SoulSeven7 and Little Sevens Harriet to introduce us to her brand.

- We are very excited to have Little Sevens join WWW.MYBABYEDIT.COM brand portfolio, please can you tell our followers about your inspiration for launching the brand?

I have always been interested in the prospect of designing baby clothes. From the very beginning I've always wanted to create clothes that not only are available in adult sizes but also allowing children to have a unique original style. I've always loved styles that are on the market now, but I've always felt that by having original intricate designs which a child could have can express the THE style of the parents also. 

- Your tees are featuring the most incredible, prints, - tell us a bit about the creative process you go through when creating new illustrations.

Creating my artwork for the garments always comes naturally which doesn't always mean they come into mind quickly, I like to take inspiration through my own personal interests. I always follow the rule if it’s exciting to create stick with it. Which doesn't always mean that every design goes to print. 

I've always loved intricate designs so creating one always comes with a great satisfaction. I also love when looking at a design you can look at different areas and always find something new. 

- What would you say is the signature style of your brand and how do you sum up the Little Sevens lifestyle?

Signature style to the brand is original and intricate patterns. Little Sevens is something new, rather than having the obvious designs like animals for instants. Little Sevens allows the obvious to be new and unique.

- Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

SOULSEVEN7 has been around now for 6 years. So with now having little Sevens I would love it to be going for another six and many more. As long as still have the love that I have for my company, and find new ways to keep it interesting I will always take pride in sharing my designs.

What is a normal day like at Little Sevens HQ?

The normal day consists of going through the emails and orders from the previous day. The second half of the day usually consists of pushing the brand out on the various art platforms we are on. From there I will concentrate on research for the brand and looking for inspiration on keeping the brand fresh. So be that ways at looking at changing the website or making new adverts to out on our sites. Always keeping ideas in the back of my mind, so when I have a few hours in my office. Music is on and I start to draw. 

- What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Biggest achievement to date, to be honest I've had a few times where I've been really proud. But they all vary, so from when a design I made for a snowboarding company was the featured by 'whitelines' magazine and website. Because I love snowboarding I've loved whitelines so that was pretty cool. 

My first art exhibition I held, so all my designs framed. Having my own evening discussing my work was exciting which was made even better when every print sold. 

The first time I had my clothes in a store that was pretty special. And then seeing somebody wearing one of my tshirts walking past me. I never knew who he was, but knowing he liked it enough to wear it was lovely. 

Just being able to do what I love is something that will always be special to me, so every day is an achievement. 

Find all 3 designs under Little Sevens in our brand section - we are sure you will LOVE the styles as much as we do <3