First Blog Post - We are Launching April 08 2015

Welcome to MyBabyEdit


Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you will find the choice and offering you are looking for. MyBabyEdit is a new and independent website, - that was put in place, as we found the experience of entering into parenthood both extremely exciting, but also slightly overwhelming.

As first time parents we did the classic exercise of buying many, ‘’non essentials’’ it turned out! And the Journey to ‘’be ready’’ for the big arrival was full of trial and errors. After the arrival of our firstborn son Freddie, we have thought many times, if only we knew what we know now! – And this was the main reason we started MyBabyEdit. We thought, that we would love to buy, good quality, decent priced childrenswear and accessories, - bold but not brass, playful yet sophisticated and with an air of Scandinavian cool. In addition then we wanted a clear overview of key pieces, where the edits of ‘’must haves’’ had been done for us already, instead of having to scroll through a lot of ‘’nice to have’’ items for babies and toddlers.

We have handpicked and edited a tight and practical assortment of brands from around the world, - practicality, comfort, good quality and exclusive offerings are key, and we hope you like our mix of great basics, and exciting trends.

Here at MyBabyEdit, we present our products per occasions, giving you a clear overview of the styles we recommend for new-borns, night-time etc. in order to make it easy to get an overview. We have monthly guest editors, parents and friends of new parents, like you and me- recommending and writing about the styles that have worked well for them. We hope you enjoy their stories and anecdotes, - remember having a baby should be fun; we definitely don’t take our selves too seriously!

On a final note, then thank you for visiting our website, - we know that there is a huge offering out there, - but hope you can relate to our edits and what we are trying to bring to the market. We are only a small independent boutique - so please check back from time to time, as we will continuously update the assortment and offering with new stock, as and when we have sold out of current lines, and we hope you will recommend us to your friends if you enjoyed your shopping experience with us.