Keep it real! January 20 2017


This is a call out to all new parents, carers and anyone in between looking after small people! We feel the pressure, scrolling through Instagram feeds and Social media updates, of mostly gorgeous well behaved kids, cute babies with everything on point, lots of pristine white interior and no clutter in sight etc. We love social media, and use it lots, however we wanted to raise the fact that most of it just isn’t real. This picture was taken when our daughter Ella was about 4 months old, I took a picture of her sleeping, filter and all, and it looked so idyllic and ‘’perfect for Instagram’’. 2 min later she was awake, again, had some milk and was sick all over her baby grow – she looked confused, I was sleep deprived and mostly annoyed that we had to get change again etc. Here at MyBabyEdit we are all for keeping it real, as it is hard enough raising little ones, without adding the pressure of ‘’picture perfect’’ into the equation. You are doing it, and doing a great job! Keep, keeping it real <3 x