My Baby Edit presents Cribstar January 20 2017


Big drum roll! We have a new brand in our ever growing portfolio, and we are sure you will LOVE the styles from Cribstar as much as we do. Made with the softest, thick 100% cotton and the coolest on trend prints, we adore the styles and think you will too + your little ones will love wearing them. We asked Cribstar's founder, and mum boss Jadwiga about her brand.  

- Who am I?

I am Jadwiga, a mum of 2 who started Cribstar in 2015 when my daughter was just born. In hindsight this was probably the worst time to start as the work load of this new project coupled with a new born and threenager was not easy at the best of times.  

- What was your inspiration for launching the brand? 

After having my first child I turned into a total kids clothing shopaholic but found it hard to find unique clothes which were different to everyone else in the playgroup.  I have always had a love for monochrome clothing so I decided black and white would be the main theme throughout my brand.

- Your products are featuring the cutest tongue in cheek messages, - tell us a bit about the creative process you go through when creating new designs. 

It is probably very cliche but my designs are inspired by my children.  I rarely have time to sit down and brain storm new ideas so keep a constant notes file on my phone which I keep jotting down ideas to.  When it is time to release new designs I go back and look at this notes file and go from there.

- What would you say is the signature style of your brand and how do you sum up the Cribstar lifestyle? 

The overriding theme of the brand is black and white.  We try to select fabrics which are comfortable and will last the almost daily washes they will be put through. Cribstar as a lifestyle I suppose could be described as comfortable and stylish.

- Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I try not to think too far ahead as I am literally learning the industry as I go but I hope it continues to grow and I continue to meet and befriend all the lovely mothers who support me and my brand.

- What is a normal day like at Cribstar HQ? 

A typical day at Cribstar is up nice and early thanks to the little human alarm clocks. Nursery run then home to get printing and packing orders until it is time for the pick-up (I sometime manage to squeeze some lunch in).  Then it’s me and the kids until my hubby gets home from work for some family time.  After we put the kids to bed I rope him into helping me with yet more printing and packing until some silly hour.  I then sit down to answer emails as the last thing before I manage to make it to bed.

- What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? 

Starting this little business I think will always be my biggest achievement in itself.  The thought that my designs and idea of what children clothes should be is appreciated by so many is such a humbling thought and to add to this that my products are sold through lovely stockist all over this planet is something I only dreamed of.

See the full assortment on our website - follow link below <3