My Baby Edit Presents Kerikit May 01 2017


Kerikit – Q & A.

We are so excited to present a new brand to our ever growing portfolio, introducing luxury changing bag brand KeriKit.

KeriKit, was launched by Keri Jamieson in 2016, and have gone from strength to strength since then. We love that fact that mother of 3, and mum boss Keri spotted a clear gap in the market from personal experience and decided to launch a changing bag range that would fill this gap. The Kerikit changing bag range is made up of bags that encompasses the most beautiful finish, exceptional attention to detail and design, and are all created using the most exquisite but hardwearing leathers – these beautiful bags are bang on trend but will also last you well beyond the season and they super practical – perfect for busy mums on the go! Keri is a handbag pro, as she has extensive experience in the field due to her long career as a global designer for luxury retailers, and she has truly managed to combine her two loves, motherhood and style. KeriKit is taking multifunctional design and features to the next level, and we just know that you will LOVE the amazing collections as much as we do. We asked Keri to tell us more about her and her brand in our latest My Baby Edit – Meet the Designer feature.

Who am I?

I am a mum of three, wife, business woman and health fanatic.

What was your inspiration for launching the Kerikit brand and collections?

I remember clearly walking into John Lewis whilst pregnant with my first born Jasper and thinking right, I want a bag that looks good but works on a functional level too., It needed to be leather as I knew then it would last too. I was SO disappointed with the offering, the bags were either really functional but also really ugly or they weren’t worth the money in my opinion as they were either really cheap leather or they did not have the functionality I required. I gave up and bought a grey nylon messenger bag - giving up on style and accepting functionality over fashion. Then I returned when pregnant with the twins thinking something must have changed by now – nope! Still the same styles on display. So that when I realised that with my extensive career as an Accessories designer followed by 7 years as a handbag buyer that perhaps I was the person to solve this issue!

Your bags are exquisite and beautifully designed, tell us more about the process form that first sketch to launch?

The process from design to completion is a long one which takes over 9 months from start to finish. It all starts with a sketch that then becomes a pattern and finally a real sample. I create all the patterns myself by hand and then I create a workbook for each design – which I name after a member of my family. It then takes around 4-6 weeks to create the first sample due to the complexities of a KeriKit design so in the meantime I select my gorgeous leathers for the final production. Once I get the first development sample back I make any changes required and then I wear the bag for a whole month to see how it works for me. A bag is more than just an accessory – it needs to fit in with who you are and where you’re going so this is the best way to be sure that it will work for everyone else too. We then start production and finally voila! The bags arrive and are ready to sell.

What would you say is your signature style or design feature, and how do you sum up the Kerikit lifestyle?

For me the backpacks are proving to be a real hit. It wasn’t till my children got a bit older that I realised I need 3 hands and as I only have two I didn’t want to use one to hold a bag on my shoulder as I was already short! I think that people really connect with the fact that nowadays we are not just mothers, we often run business at the same time so we can fit them around our new families but also we want to keep a sense of style too. My designs are beautiful on the outside while inside functionality reigns thanks to the innovative pocket layout.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

We are so excited to be stocked in our first NYC store in Soho with Wolf and Badger as of last week and we also go live with Nordstrom this week! My aim over the next 5 years is to be stocked in John Lewis and Harrods and also to venture into China and expand the USA market.

What is a normal day like at Kerikit HQ?

Busy! We do the usual morning routine getting the children up and out for school or their morning activities and then I start work around 9am. I stop for lunch to hang out with the twins a bit before their nap then I head back to my office in the attic till 5:30pm. Some days I finish at 3 to take the children swimming, then work later in the evening but I think the best way to be productive is to eat well and to have clear work boundaries and also its important to have downtime too. We are huge fans of Gousto as it means we eat fresh meals every night but they are super easy to make and there is no wastage! Also I never work too late and I also like to ensure I fit exercise into my daily routine too. I love getting out on my mountain bike or if it’s raining I hit the gym. I love my TRX – you can get a full body workout in 35 minutes which is equivalent to over an hour of regular training with this bit of kit! I am also new to it but loving Hot yoga - It my new thing ;) My mind is so busy but with exercise I take an hour out of the day to empty my mind, refocus my soul and then I can take on the world again!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

I could say winning the Junior Design awards for 2016 with my Backpack Joy as that was a real high and the one award I REALLY wanted to win, but actually I am most proud of the fact I have created balance. I have created a brand where my customers nearly always email me after their purchase arrives to thank me personally. When I read that I have made them feel great and that the bags are even more gorgeous in the flesh then I know I have achieved what I set out to do. This combined with the fact I get to drop my children off at school and I am there for pickup and activities gives me a real sense of pride that somehow I am balancing the two. Its incredibly hard to get the balance when you are a mother and a business owner but I am doing my best and my children and family are happy. That’s the best achievement ever.