Ella Wears August 06 2015

So we have a new baby, well actually Ella will be 16 weeks tomorrow, (so not so new anymore!) and she is our guinea pig for testing all the new My Baby Edit styles, picking up where her brother Freddie (now 2 ½ ) left off.

She is a hungry baby, seems like she is growing each day and although just over 3 months is already in bigger sizes, so we have picked styles that she can grow in. Always picking styles a bit on the large size in order to to get the most wear out of the pieces. As the youngest child, she has a lot of Freddie’s hand me downs, but it is also nice to get specific pieces just for her.

As the weather have been so hit and miss lately, we have been all about dressing her in long leg tights and long sleeve tees. We are big on layering which is very Scandinavian, so can add or take off as and when the temperature changes during the day.

We love this edit, and not only is it super comfy, it is also super cute! Even better it is genderless, Freddie wore the Enjoy Milk Tee by No Added sugar and the Collegien indoor slippers. Little Titans tights and Molo Sweatshirt are new pieces for Ella! All styles can easily be worn by both boys and girls.

Daddy's Edit:






We love this edit and it is so easy to mix and match the individual styles, and the red and grey are very cool together. Super soft cottons + slippers in the softest cashmere mix, although it is summer, the English version makes all the styles very relevant especially for little ones that should be warm and snug. Ella seems happy! 

To get Ella's look here is the featured styles:

Little Titans, London Calling Tights, £16 http://www.mybabyedit.com/collections/all/products/little-titans-unisex-tights-london-calling

NoAddedSugar, Enjoy Milk Tee, £16  http://www.mybabyedit.com/products/noaddedsugar-long-sleeve-tee-enjoy-milk

Collegien, Super Soft Cashmere Indoor Slippers, £22  http://www.mybabyedit.com/products/collegien-indoor-slippers-ultimate-grey

MOLO, 100% soft Cotton, £20 http://www.mybabyedit.com/products/molo-sweat-shirt-dark-melange