Sleep, sleep, SLEEP! September 09 2016

OK peeps, this is a VERY important topic for all parents, carers and everyone in between! Sleep is suddenly your most valued commodity with little ones, and it might not come easy. We are all for snuggling here at MyBabyEdit, and the cool and colourful sleep sacks from My Baby's Name Is, are made for exactly that. When we now get our sleep sacks out in our house, our little ones associate them with sleep. They might not actually ''go to sleep'' as soon as it is zipped up, BUT they are understanding that when we put it on, we have quiet time, read a book etc. and then they go to sleep. OK ideal scenario we know, and they will probably wake up a million times still, however it is all about routine and getting your little ones into one ''like yesterday''.

We just LOVE the colourful sleep sacks from My Baby's Name Is, and they are not only super cool and comes in the most fantastic colours, they are also super practical, and comes with all sort of great benefits that will work wonders for you and your baby.

We carry 3 sizes, in 5 colour ways, and they come in a 1 or 2.5 tog, so whether your baby is going for a Gabriel Grey, Yasmine Yellow or Rebecca Red, we can guarantee that they will be sleeping in the most wonderful material, as these sacks are made in the softest eco-friendly cotton for the exterior and organic jersey cotton for a super-soft interior – and it’s all ethically sourced.

The colour palette is refreshingly bright, clean and vibrant. Quite simply, there are no other baby sleeping bags on the market that match the standard My Baby’s Name Is has set out: organic, luxurious, ethical, bright, clean, design-led, style-conscious. What's not to love?

The sleep sacks comes individually gift boxed, so makes the perfect present, and at only £45 this is really amazing value for money, as you will buy a high quality products with lots of amazing product features. We are in love :)