The MBE Buyers pick August 19 2016

We put focus on MOLO Stars and Stripes

OK so we are completely biased, as this brand has been around for a long time in Scandinavia and our own children, friends and families children have all worn the bold prints and high quality pieces from Danish born and bred MOLO. This stuff doesn’t get much better, and if you are after super styles for your little ones that also will be excellent as hand me downs, the unisex pieces we have picked from MOLO are pretty amazing. Super soft stretch cotton, great high quality colours and ones that won’t fade after the first wash, is some of the benefits this stuff comes with, and of course your little ones will look ridiculous cute also.

Based in Denmark MOLO is a brand that have created a vibrant and colourful baby and children’s wear since 2003. Since its beginning MOLO has become the ‘’go to’’ brand for parents wanting great quality and the most ground breaking colours, fabrics and prints. Collections are always full of great styles for every little ones wardrobe. What’s not to love!!