Must have Edits - the ultimate Newborn Edit August 26 2016

OK so this is a very special first edit for most of us! The combination of anticipation, excitement, fear and longing to meet this new baby is pretty powerful stuff, and here at MybabyEdit we don’t think this feeling changes whether it’s your first, second or fifth new arrival!

We have put together the selection we would not have been without for our babies, and ones that made things that little easier, and believe us you want easy!

Tiba and Marl Raf Holdall: Not only is this the coolest bag around, and comes in great prints, this nappy bag can also double up as your hospital bag, as it is big enough to hold essential stuff.

Yes sure they are a little expensive, however this is such a great product, with bottle holder, changing cover etc. and will last you a lifetime, as it is cool enough to be used for other stuff when no longer needed as a changing bag.


DISCLAIMER: Remember to pack that hospital bag, we kind of didn’t with our first so the content, predominantly packed by a slightly wired and stressed ‘’soon to be’’ daddy was pretty hysterical.



Purflo Sleeping bag: OK this is all about getting into routines and getting the little ones into one quickly. The soft bamboo cotton is incredible, and the health benefits this product comes with is pretty epic. Lovely 100% cotton Jersey outer, with a 100% Bamboo Dream lining, is soft and silky against baby’s skin. This stuff is pretty crazy, and whilst being Environmentally friendly, Bamboo fabric is 60% more absorbent than cotton & has natural anti-bacterial properties. The sleep sack has a hypoallergenic Amicor Pure filling, prevents the build up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to Asthma and Eczema plus it includes zip on long sleeves for colder nights


Joha Wool bodies: We are big fans of wool, and yes wool can be used summer and winter! Danish brand JOHA are wool experts if we have to say so ourselves, these guys really know what they are doing which is great for you and your little one as they have combined exquisite quality, with practical features that will help you as a busy parent. The JOHA baby body, is a key staple for our children, as wool is readily available and used in Scandinavia all year around and is perfect to control our little ones body temperature, so they will be warm and cosy when the temperature drops, and cool and comfortable when the heath is on! Thinly spun wool, means this little number doesn't itch, and will be lovely against even the newest skin. Another JOHA piece that is functional and of high quality and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees, so no hand washing for busy parents.